Men in Focus: Introductory Session

Dr Shane Tas

Our Watch Senior Advi­sor, Masculinities

The social change we need to pre­vent gen­der-based vio­lence can be sup­port­ed by schools tak­ing a whole-of-school approach to respect­ful rela­tion­ships edu­ca­tion. This approach can include strate­gies and actions to active­ly chal­lenge dom­i­nant forms and pat­terns of mas­culin­i­ty that are asso­ci­at­ed with high­er rates of vio­lence against women in our soci­ety, and to engage men and boys in pos­i­tive change with­in the school community. 

This talk dis­cuss­es how the masculinities/​engaging men work can be a key part of a whole-of-school approach to respect­ful rela­tion­ships edu­ca­tion. It draws on Our Watch’s pro­gram of work on devel­op­ing and inform­ing best prac­tice approach­es to respect­ful rela­tion­ships edu­ca­tion, as well as the nation­al shared frame­work for pri­ma­ry pre­ven­tion (Change the sto­ry), and the Men in Focus evi­dence guide on unpack­ing mas­culin­i­ties and engag­ing men in the pre­ven­tion of vio­lence against women. 

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