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Effective Implementation of Respectful Relationships and Consent Education Program

The Pro­fes­sion­al Learn­ing Insti­tute are host­ing two work­shops on this impor­tant sub­ject in late October.

The pro­gram is being deliv­ered as a whole day face-to-face ses­sion run by Jan­ice Atkin, in Hobart and Devonport

South – Pro­fes­sion­al Learn­ing Insti­tute, Glenorchy
9:00am — 3:00pm Tues­day 26 Octo­ber 2021

North-West – paranaple con­ven­tion cen­tre, Devon­port
9:00am — 3:00pm Thurs­day 28 Octo­ber 2021

What does effec­tive imple­men­ta­tion of Respect­ful Rela­tion­ships (RRE) and Con­sent Edu­ca­tion look like in plan­ning and practice?

Jan­ice Atkin, who was the Prin­ci­pal Author of the DoE RRE Teach­ing and Learn­ing Pack­age and is cur­rent­ly lead­ing the AC: H&PE Review, will facil­i­tate this full day workshop.

The work­shop will include ses­sions that cov­er the following:

  • Under­stand­ing the evi­dence base that informs con­sent and respect­ful rela­tion­ships education
  • Embed­ding con­sent and respect­ful rela­tion­ships edu­ca­tion into your HPE program
  • Explor­ing prac­ti­cal strate­gies for teach­ing con­sent and respect­ful relationships
  • Man­ag­ing sen­si­tive con­ver­sa­tions in your classes
  • Explor­ing the role of lan­guage and media lit­er­a­cy in chal­leng­ing atti­tudes that con­done dis­re­spect and violence.

The work­shop is suit­able for the fol­low­ing audience:

  • Ear­ly Career Teacher
  • Teacher
  • Emerg­ing School Leader
  • Aspir­ing Principal

The work­shop will cov­er the fol­low­ing standards:

  • Stan­dard 1 – Know stu­dents and how they learn
  • Stan­dard 2 – Know con­tent and how to teach it
  • Stan­dard 3 – Plan for and imple­ment effec­tive teach­ing and learning
  • Stan­dard 4 – Cre­ate and main­tain sup­port­ive and safe learn­ing environments
  • Stan­dard 6 – Engage in pro­fes­sion­al learning

To reg­is­ter or to learn more about this pro­gram vis­it the Pro­fes­sion­al Learn­ing Insti­tute web­site below

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