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3:45 pm - 4:45 pm Tue 20th Jun 2023


Live Webinar

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Teachers, Leaders

Who is speaking

Sarah Woodcock-Davis
Curious about why the Daily Review is so important to student learning but don't know where to start? Using what we now know about cognitive science, Sarah will unpack the why, what, how and when.

By the end of the session, participants will be familiar with how we can automatise knowledge to maximise student learning. We will also look at what to include in a daily review, when to include it and what it looks like in practice.

What you will learn

  • Focus area 1.2: Understand how students learn
  • Focus area 2.5: Literacy and numeracy strategies
  • Focus area 3.2: Plan, structure and sequence learning programs
  • Focus area 3.3: Use teaching strategies
  • Focus area 5.1: Assess student learning
  • Focus area 6.2: Engage in professional learning and improve practice

Important information

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